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Today is brought to you by Winter Blend tea.


Recently I wrote an entry on being nice to people where I related an experience I had at a con where an author whose work I admired turned out to not be a particularly nice person.

After writing the entry, I decided to appreciate the author's work as independent of his personality. I've hit it. I can look at one of his stories and say, "This is a fine story." I still don't want to hang out with the author.


This is one of those boring posts where I tell you I'm almost done with my NaNoWriMo experience for 2011, that I'm getting over the second cold since the end of October, and that Thanksgiving was a success. There was salmon this year, and it was delicious. Sadly, I'm actually missing the turkey and the things you do with a post-Thanksgiving turkey. Go figure.
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Dinner has been eaten, the pie has been consumed. Now it's time for the post-holiday come down and an attempt to catch up on the writing that was missed earlier in the day.

Note to self: Once again, for another year, ginger lime yams are good. So are mashed potatoes and gravy. The world needs more mashed potatoes and gravy.

Just saying.
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Load two of dishes done. Pie is in the oven. Turkey is still brining, but only for a little while. Soon it will be time to roast the bird!
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The pumpkin is pureed and it's about time to make a pie crust, pumpkin pie filling and then bake the pie. The turkey I'm brining has been turned.

The dishwasher was empty about thirty minutes ago. Between breakfast and all the usual Thanksgiving sort of prep, the dishwasher is now running.

The kids are cuddling on a chair.

I'm way behind on my NaNo novel; I haven't had near enough sleep.

This is why God made Mountain Dew.


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