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I recently attended two fantastic cons: World Fantasy Convetion and BizarroCon.

I love going to a good con. They're a perfect chance to see dear friends, make new ones and explore industry contacts. They're perfect for having tons and fun and providing access to new books.

They're also a great chance to practice your social skills.

When I was at Clarion West, Cory Doctorow (my third week instructor) told the class it was important to be nice to people. Connie Willis (my fourth week instructor) put it another way -- don't be an asshole.

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The master himself in the cape the Clarion West class of 2008 gave him.


Cory was wonderful. We learned a ton from him and absolutely enjoyed his company. He was totally made of teh awesome. He took us for walks, we did yoga, he thought that me writing a story about being nice to people was a perfectly fine thing to do indeed. AND he was wonderful to Avadore. Soooooooooooooo nice to Avadore. He talked to him, treated him like a real person, showed Avadore pictures of his daughter, and signed a copy of Little Brother for him. He was supportive of me, and fantastically encouraging.

He was supportive of all of us.

AND he made an incredibly generous donation to the laptop fund when the four laptops were stolen from the house.

One thing the instructors taught me to do was to bloody well go out there and believe in myself completely and totally. They taught me about taking on the world and making my life what I wanted it to be. They taught me about believing in myself and my writing. They taught me about absolute confidence. I tried to be realistic. They said, "Screw that! Do what thou wilt!"

I'm still trying to integrate this into my life. But that's an entry for another time.


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