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Today is brought to you by Chai tea and Brandon Flowers.

Say it with me: God bless Brandon Flowers.

Except what is up with the new album? Really? It could grow on me, but it is certainly no Hot Fuss nor Sawdust, and it's particularly no Sam's Town. Or perhaps I'm becoming even more snobby and picky in my old age.


I am home after a long road/business trip. I missed Fox and Avadore very much, but I also knew that good things could come from this trip for me (and thus them) and so I carried on.

Yes, I took a long trip during NaNoWriMo. Though I am behind I am determined that I will finish my 50,000 words. This is my sixth year and some measly road trip will not hold me back.


The working highlight of my time on the road was most certainly my attendance at the first annual Bizarro Con, organized by the fine people at Eraserhead Press Rose O'OKeefe and company did a bang up job of organizing and conducting an amazing weekend. Held at the gorgeous Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon, the con was productive, informative, inspiring, and insane amounts of fun, as one would expect from anything Bizarro.

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I learned a great deal about marketing, how small presses work, and how community can come together with a unified passion to make their dreams come true.  Expect great things from the Bizarro community.

It was my particular pleasure to spend time with my dearest of dears [ profile] pamrentz,who absolutely knows how to rock the tacos and cookies and dry out a girl's smalls, and with the ever-patient and enjoyable [ profile] chris_reynaga, who continues to prove his ability to entertain a crowd. 

Currently, I'm brining a turkey. Who's surprised?

nano '08

Nov. 1st, 2008 09:01 pm
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A decent writing day today. I put together my submission for a workshop I'm taking from classmate Carlton Mellick III and wrote 1,816 words on this year's NaNoWriMo novel in less than an hour this evening. That's right -- they're some high quality words.

(See this? I'm rolling my eyes.)


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