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So there's been this meme going around recently, and it caused me to think and remember. I thought I'd do some remembering here.

March 2011: I am 35, and the mother of two (Avadore and Spider-Fox, who I used to refer to as LD on my blogs). I have a dog, Katie Finn. I'm divorced. I'm currently in school to get certifications in technical writing and programming so that I'm qualified for an even awesomer writing job than the one I have. I'm writing fiction. A lot. But the fiction writing is hard. Still... you know, we keep pounding at the keyboard. I've had several fiction publications, and I had the time of my life at Clarion West a couple years before. A few times a week I watch The X-Files with [ profile] chris_reynaga. Every so often, I try to figure out what to rename the Dream King, and if I really have to...

March 2001: I'm 25, and am in my last semester at anthro-geek grad school. My first academic publication has been accepted. I work as a researcher, doing anthro-geek stuff. At night, between 10 and 12,  I poke at a novel before I go to bed. It will be around this time that I will tell my husband I wish I could have more time to write fiction. My grandfather will die in about three weeks. Come May I'll be pregnant with my first son after some miscarriages. In June we'll buy our first house and get Katie Finn. Scully and Mulder are having a difficult time of it, when Mulder's around.

March 1991: I'm 15, and in the ninth grade at the local junior high. I recently won the role of the wicked stepmother in our school's production of Cinderella, which is, you know, just pretty fantastic. I think I'm going to be an archaeologist, or an English teacher. I write stories here and there. Not long ago one of my best friends told me what a great writer I am -- I'm better than her brother, and he's really good. This makes me happy. I've created the characters of the Dream King and the Torn Queen. It will be a while before I realize Neil Gaiman got to the Dream King first. When I'm not writing, I spend a lot of time making music and art, and reading, or exploring the fields and lake where I grew up. I feel stifled and institutionalized a lot, but I am in junior high. I have a hugely massive super-sekret crush on Calvin O'Keefe and Sherlock Holmes. I aspire to be Ray Bradbury

March 1981: I'm five. My brother, whom I will adore for the rest of our lives (if the current state of things is any indication) will be born in May. I've wanted a little brother for as long as I can remember, so this is a big deal. My mother has been having a difficult pregnancy, and there's question if my brother will survive, so I'm not sure if I know she's actually pregnant yet. Scooby Doo and Barbra Mandrell are my heroes. I spend most of my time playing with my St. Bernard, Schatze, and my imaginary friends, Midnight and Starlight. Midnight is a black unisus (a unicorn with wings, or a Pegasus with a horn, take your pick), and Starlight is a white unisus, with wings like a dragonfly. I also have a silvery-white Chinese dragon named Strawberry (no, I don't know). There's also this really bad witch. And a monster that lives in the lake across the street, and... A tape recorder my father has recently given me. I use it to record the stories I make up during the day, and to record my own soundtracks for movies. In a couple of months I will see Raiders of the Lost Ark. Combined with a documentary I have seen on PBS, this movie will inspire me to consider digging up dead people and their stuff for a living. The next year will introduce me to Ray Bradbury, and I will fall in love with science fiction.

March 1971: My parents don't even know each other yet. Or maybe they just barely met, but they're certainly not dating.
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